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General Contracting

With experience in all aspects of buildings, we do all sorts of commercial construction including:

  • New ground up

  • Tenant finish out

  • Remodels

  • Hospital Work

  • Industrial Work

  • And Much More!

Concrete Repair

We specialize in Structural concrete repair and strengthening. Our products can repair cracks, spalls, and stressed concrete thus saving the owners money and time. All repairs can be concealed so they do not detract from the aesthetics of the finishes.


Consultation & Insurance

Over 80 years of combined knowledge of building methods and construction in our staff. This allows us t know what is problematic and find innovative ways to make repairs. Insurance work including restoration after a vehicle hits the building to water damage. Working with the insurance adjuster to make sure the appropriate costs are covered. We can also consult on a new ground-up project or development. Jason Has been involved with both.


Crack Filling & Repair

When cracks develop they are often a sign of a larger issue. With a master certificate in concrete repair, we have knowledge of how to read the cracks and determine the underlying cause. Just filling the cracks is not always the best answer.

Let us come and consult on the source and best solution for your cracks. We can mend them and strengthen them or sometimes they just need to be filled to prevent water from coming in.


Building Damage

Think of building damage like an open wound. Putting a band-aid on it will not allow to heal properly it will become a bigger problem. If you have concrete spalling off your building or structure, this is often a sign of concealed problems that will persist if not corrected.

Just patching over the damage will not last and only allows the issue to get worse.


With a background in real estate investment and construction, Jason has a long history with development. We are able to consult with you on your future development and offer suggestions for success.

This includes budgeting, selection of design professionals, finding properties, working with city officials, best practices


Efflorescence is the secretion of salts from masonry and concrete. This is a result of moisture pushing the salts out.

We can cure it in one sweep and prevent other occurrences. We can cure the problem.

Leak Mitigation

Normally a leaky pipe calls a plumber, a leaky roof calls a roofer, what if neither works for your situation? Or if you are not sure?

One call, we can inspect and recommend or repair your issues.

Parking  Decks & Garage Structures

Is there a loud thump in your parking garage when a car is moving through? This is a common problem that is caused by a broken connection between double Tees. In the past, the repair was very invasive and included shutting down portions of the garage to complete. We have a new system that is less expensive and more effective with minimal impact on traffic, a matter of a few hours.
Ask us about the horseshoe.

On the deck, normal wear and tear on the topping thins the concrete sometimes exposing the reinforcing steel. We can extend the life of the deck with a micro-topping that will give another 20 years of life to the garage for a fraction of the cost of a new topping. We can replace caulk and joint sealant in your building. This is a common maintenance item that is overlooked and becomes a source for moisture to enter the building.

Water Proofing

The purpose of building is to keep the weather outside. Failed or improperly installed materials on the building will result in waterproofing issues leading to leaks. Often the source of the leak is hard to determine. Leakseek is the answer to finding the source of the leaks.

With our vast understanding of building systems and cutting edge technologies we can find leaks quickly. A repair recommendation is made and can be executed as well. We also have advanced repair methods using new technologies that re little know in the industry. Leaky walls, open joints, water in walls and ceilings.

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